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Preparing Your Survival Food Kits

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Preparedness and alertness can be a huge advantage and the first step is to plan a survival food list that must contain the most essential foods needed for surviving a tragedy.

Aside from food,other items highly suggested to have in your emergency kit include a handheld CB radio; thick,strong and sturdy contractor bags, a pack of glow bracelets and a few good books.

Apart from finding a shelter, survival food kits will supplement your endurance while waiting for help or rescue to come.

Basic Survival Food Kits

Here is the survival food list that is the most basic and must be found in survival food kits:

  • Water. The core of survival, you can last for days up to weeks without food if you have water; this is a fact since every form of living needs water to survive. The human body consists of 50% to 70% water so this must be at the top of your survival food kits. Dehydration can make you weak and can alter your thinking; you’ll need your strength and sharp mind to stay focus in facing a calamity. Drinking water should be stored in clean bottles and safe water should be kept in containers that will be used for sanitation and cleaning up matters.
  • Canned or Dried goods. There is a variety of canned meat or fish that you can choose from, that can be eaten even when raw or uncooked. You need to check the expiration date upon purchasing so that your survival food kits will last longer up to two years. Choose cans with no damage or puncture as it will affect the taste, nutritional value and span of storage.
  • Crackers or Biscuits. The perfect substitute for bread, biscuits don’t need to be refrigerated or cooked, it’s perfect to be in survival food kits. You can store many types of biscuits as survival food supplies; it also comes in many flavors and can last up to three months.
  • Chocolate or Granola bars. A yummy food that can give you lots of energy since it’s high in calories, which you’ll need in enduring a calamity, and you don’t have to prepare or cook it. Chocolates can make you feel happy that can keep you feeling positive despite your situation. It’s also a favorite for campers, hikers and bikers in their survival food kits since its super light, convenient to bring and a quick source of energy.
  • Freeze-dried fruits or vegetables. Their sweet taste can liven up your mood and can give you comfort, what’s nice in including this in your survival food kits is its healthy nutrients are retained even if they’re dehydrated fruits or vegetables, no preservatives are added.Survival food storage should be in a cool place but not wet so that mold will not grow and it will last longer. These products don’t need to be cooked.
  • Canned beans. A good source of protein is beans, which is needed for muscle tissue repair, so in case that you’re wounded or any in your group, eating beans can help in fast healing when rescue is delayed for days, so this must also be found in your survival food kits.
  • Vitamins and supplement drugs. Don’t forget to include this in your Survival Food Kits, this is to ensure ample nutrition and to have an emergency supply for those persons with maintenance drugs for their illness. In buying and storing these medicines, take note of their expiration dates.
  • Beer– Apart from helping being able to relax or stress less in the emergency, you can use Beer in lieu of money in the aftermath of the emergency. Needing help from friends to clear up ? A few six packs of Budweiser is a great motivator rather than money when all the local shops are still completely boarded up after a hurricane.

Survival Food Kit Tips

Since the suggestions for survival food list is given, the next thing that you must know is the proper survival food storage to ensure that the survival food supplies will not be wasted and to avoid spoilage. Another set of tips for proper storage of survival food kits are as follows:

  • Complete your survival food list and bring it when you’re shopping, before purchasing any goods, it’s better to canvass for different brands while comparing prices and choose the cheaper ones without compromising its quality. Make sure to check its expiration date to ensure longer span of its storage in your survival food kits.
  • Prepare sturdy containers that will not immediately crack, choose the ones with sealed locks so that moisture is avoided and insects will not enter. Other goods like the canned foods are already in a container so that wouldn’t be problem in your survival food kits. You can purchase the containers in any home supply store or online, buy those with reasonable price with good quality products.
  • The perfect place for dry survival food supplies in your home is in a cool, dry, dark location with no chances of moisture build up and should be off the floor. Direct sunlight should be avoided and places that wouldn’t be affected with extreme temperature changes, to maintain the survival food kits’ longer storage. In the workplace or vehicle, a bag can be filled with a survival food supplies and can already be a survival food kit.
  • The order of consumption of the survival food supplies in your survival food kits should begin with products that have the nearest expiration dates and you have to recheck your stock of food every month, have a rotating survival food storage every three to five months to guarantee that the food in your survival food kits are safe.

Being prepared with survival food kits for any kind of calamity can lead you ahead in survival and having survival food kits is the foundation of a survival plan.

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