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Product Review:Emergency Dynamo Lantern With Radio

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The Emergency Dynamo Lantern With Radio is a great lantern and radio for camping, fishing, hunting or a situation of urgency.

This Dynamo light uses a OomAh/3.6 volt NI-MH storage battery that can be charged with the hand crank, or it can be charged using a 6 volt external electrical adapter.
The Dynamo lantern does not need any other batteries than the built in storage battery.This lantern has outlet ports that can charge a cell phone and it also has a USB tie that can charge an MP3 player.

These outlet ports make the Dynamo Lantern a great lantern to have for emergency use, such as power outages.It also makes a great lantern for camping and hunting, since you can charge your cell phone or MP3 player.The energy stored in the Dynamo Lantern is used to supply LED lights, an FM radio and a Siren.The Dynamo Lantern also has a built in compass which is great for emergencies and camping.The FM tuner on the Dynamo Lantern comes with a loud speaker with adjustable volume control and an earphone output jack.

When using the cell phone charger and USB tie, the Dynamo Lantern will provide you with two to eight minute of talk time on your cell phone, ten to twenty minutes of use with your MP3 and four to ten minutes of use with your MP4 with only three minutes of cranking the hand crank.When the battery gets low just crank it some more for more power.This makes the Dynamo Lantern With Radio a great tool to have for emergency situations, power outages and all your camping, fishing and hunting trips.

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