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Everyone is in a panic and wants information on how to Survive Food Crisis or shortage over the “end of the world crisis of December 21, 2012.” Turn on your television or pick up a newspaper or magazine and that is top news. The Mayans, when making out the yearly calendars have chosen to stop tracking the date as of December 21, 2012. The Bible in Revelations speaks of the end of days and certain events that will lead up to the destruction.

If everything that is happening in the world is leading up to the end of time, as Revelations speak of, then December 2012 is most definitely a possibility. With all of the natural disasters, wars, and awful economy, food and medicine will be at the top of the list for shortages. People will be doing whatever they can find food for their families. The grocery store shelves will be barren and food will be very expensive when it’s available. Food prices predict to rise by over 40% in the next three months. How do we combat this food shortage? The Ultimate Survive Food Crisis Guide has the tested answers to the food question.

The end of the world prediction will threaten life and health. Media has suggested a disaster when food begins to vanish off store shelves and people begins trying to find food and take food from others. Empty store shelves will lead to a worldwide panic with people stealing food, fighting to feed their families, suggested to be almost “savage like behavior.” People will be killing other people over a can of beans. There is a way to Survive Food Crisis. By preparing now, your family avoids starvation. There is already a prediction that in the next three months, food will go up, so why not start preparing yourself and family for this food panic.


The USA is already becoming a “dust bowl.” We are already importing over one third of the foods we have from other countries. How are we going to survive when we have to depend on other countries for our food shortage? We will be worse than our ancestors were back in the time of the Great Depression. The food crisis during the Depression caused the Government to issue rations tickets to each family. Wheat, eggs, and other staples were only available with the amount that they allowed each family each week. To Survive Food Crisis as if we are about to face, we will need to stockpile the correct types of foods, herbs and medications to keep our families healthy and safe.

Survive Food Crisis Pros:

  • This Survive Food Crisis manual is available for purchase now. If purchased now, your family will have time to prepare. It also includes four other guides free.
  • These other guides show us how to plant 22 mini gardens for food.
  • It teaches us how to purify your water so you will be able to drink it safely.
  • It shows the secrets to herbal medication
  • Includes information on the do it yourself guide to building a solar system for your home to save on electricity or produce electricity when there is none.
  • These Survive Food Crisis guides will give us all of the information we will need to survive during this time of crisis. It is only 10 dollars a week to feed your family, have medications (herbal) that are safe and receive these free guides.


  • People that cannot read this Survive Food Crisismanual will have to depend on someone else to teach them. The guide is in book form. If unable to read, you are unable to understand what to do without someone teaching you.
  • Predictions made, even in this manual, could cause people more panic since it is all predicted and not yet fact.
  • Stockpiling will still cause sickness if not properly stored. Knowing what to purchase or grow will come from the manual only. Families that may leave their homes to try to survive the food crisis will have to carry the book and pamphlet along.
  • If available online and not on the shelves to purchase, many people without internet will never hear of these solutions to the food crisis.


“I have read this book,” The Ultimate Survive Food Crisis Guide.” The information included in this guide is very beneficial and can help people survive, if they use the information. I plan to use these methods to prepare for any other type of natural disaster that may come our way. Tornadoes, hurricanes, or even Tidal waves that may hit us will cause electricity to go out. If the electricity were out for a few days, most of our perishable foods would spoil and become unsafe to eat. I am already putting together the solar panels for my home and helping my neighbor to complete his also. Thank you for the book.” Terri, NC

“My family goes to church and we read our Bible faithfully. I do believe the end of the world is close so we decided to get the Survive food crisis manual. We were happy when we got the four extra manuals as a bonus. The herbal treatments really work. We have taken it upon ourselves to start our own mini gardens. This manual is great and we are glad that we purchased it. Ten dollars is nothing when it comes to Survive Food Crisis and preserving the family.” Annette NJ


To purchase this “Survive Food Crisis “manual, go online and search for the ultimate food storage survival guide. This manual will allow your family to remain healthy and eat good safe foods after a natural disaster. It will teach anyone how to purify his or her water to drink. Knowing how to build solar panels for electricity or other do it yourself, green energy projects will not only help with cost now, but also prepare for loss later. This food crisis manual will tell you everything you need to know to prepare for the end of time, the end of world, food rationing and natural disasters. Purchase the Survive Food Crisis manual today so that your family is ready and prepared.

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